Monday, February 23, 2009

Some recent fun...

To celebrate the kid's 100th day of school, we took them to the Indianapolis Children's Museum..What a fun way to beat the winter blues! Mamaw Kennedy came with us and we all had a fabulous time! If you ever come to Indy...I would highly recommend going to the Children's Museum...It's fun for the young and old alike! :)
We also had a family Valentine party at "Bravos"...a very classy Italian restaurant. Great idea, Aunt Tricia! (The kids had a fun church Valentines party at "Chuck-E-Cheese's, posted on the Church website.)
Hope that you are having a wonderful, happy, "blessed" day today! If you are in my neck of the woods....stay warm! AND SMILE...God loves you! I just heard an awesome message on God's love and how the most important aspect of the Christian life was loving God with ALL of your heart. That is my goal!
February 09