Monday, February 23, 2009

Some recent fun...

To celebrate the kid's 100th day of school, we took them to the Indianapolis Children's Museum..What a fun way to beat the winter blues! Mamaw Kennedy came with us and we all had a fabulous time! If you ever come to Indy...I would highly recommend going to the Children's Museum...It's fun for the young and old alike! :)
We also had a family Valentine party at "Bravos"...a very classy Italian restaurant. Great idea, Aunt Tricia! (The kids had a fun church Valentines party at "Chuck-E-Cheese's, posted on the Church website.)
Hope that you are having a wonderful, happy, "blessed" day today! If you are in my neck of the woods....stay warm! AND SMILE...God loves you! I just heard an awesome message on God's love and how the most important aspect of the Christian life was loving God with ALL of your heart. That is my goal!
February 09

Monday, February 9, 2009

A girl's afternoon out...

One afternoon last week, Danny was able to take off early from work and let Cassie and I have some "girl" time...he and the boys went for an afternoon of fun with their cool cousin, Nate. We picked up my sis-in-law, Anita,and treated ourselves to Panera Bread(check out the hot was dessert in a cup~~I highly recommend it!). THEN we did a little shopping! There is nothing like some feminine fun! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

A promise fulfilled...

My son, Corey, requested that I blog about his menagerie of reptiles,fish, fine-feathered friends(the newest additions to the England family!:)),etc. It is SO hard for me to admit that he now owns...oh dear, should I say this?...a SNAKE!(though it is a very TINY garter snake.... and that is the LIMIT on snakes!)Corey is very good about taking care of all of their cages, providing food and fresh water for them, etc. I must say that I have learned many, interesting facts about so many different, creepy, crawly critters! I have opened my mind and stepped out of my box! LOL! I can't say that I have learned to love or truly appreciate the reptile family! are a few pictures for you to enjoy!
Corey's animals