Monday, February 2, 2009

A promise fulfilled...

My son, Corey, requested that I blog about his menagerie of reptiles,fish, fine-feathered friends(the newest additions to the England family!:)),etc. It is SO hard for me to admit that he now owns...oh dear, should I say this?...a SNAKE!(though it is a very TINY garter snake.... and that is the LIMIT on snakes!)Corey is very good about taking care of all of their cages, providing food and fresh water for them, etc. I must say that I have learned many, interesting facts about so many different, creepy, crawly critters! I have opened my mind and stepped out of my box! LOL! I can't say that I have learned to love or truly appreciate the reptile family! are a few pictures for you to enjoy!
Corey's animals