Friday, October 26, 2007

Homeschooling Fieldtrips

We are enjoying homeschooling very much....We seem to have a routine that works for us and have enjoyed a couple of fieldtrips. In September, we went to"Holiday Park"(Mamaw Kennedy went with us!)here in Indianapolis---had a great time! There was a really neat nature center, a fun playground and beautiful hiking trails to explore...Corey was thrilled to find a snake on one of the trails. Danny surprised the kids and met us for a picnic lunch. This month we met with some other homeschoolers for a pitch-in lunch, followed by a live presentation by a police officer---He explained to the kids what his job entails and then showed off his police car. It really was alot of fun!

Field trips

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Family time

We recently enjoyed some days spent with my Dad's sister and brother-in-law...Norma and Jack Patterson. They reside in Portland, Oregon and flew here to spend some time in Indiana. Danny and I had not had the priviledge of seeing them for almost ten years. They are such wonderful,interesting people...Aunt Norma was a missionary to both Africa and New Mexico. She also was a Nurse Anesthetist for many years. She and Uncle Jack met later on in life and have spent many wonderful years together.We had fun many good memories! We spent one day at the Gaither Resource Center...ate a delicious lunch and toured their studio. We visited in our different homes and ended our time together with a backyard picnic around the firepit at Daddy and Mother's house. I thank God for my family and for my wonderful Christian Heritage!

Jack & Norma's visit

Belated Church Camping Pictures

Thought that I would share the pictures that I took on our Church camping trip..a little past the fact, but fun memories! The weather was perfect(not too hot.. not too cold)!The food tasted wonderful..It always does around a campfire! We enjoyed hotdogs, hamburgers,smores and even apple cobbler fixed over the coals...then bacon and eggs for breakfast! We sat around the campfire late into the night...singing, talking and yes, bonding!(smile)We went to sleep by the lullaby of a train whistle that seemed to sound every 15-20 minutes!ha! We have a three bedroom tent so Corey and his buddies slept on one side, Cade,Danny and I slept in the middle, and Cassie and her girlfriends slept on the other side..The kids had a blast! We went wading in the beautiful White River on Sat....It was so peaceful..a highlight of the trip! We drove home, a little tired but very happy! We are definitely looking forward to the NEXT camping trip!

Shelly's baby shower

My dear cousin, Shelly (Jewett) Penn,is expecting her first baby...We are certainly looking forward to meeting "Miss Alyson Dawn"! Cassie and I were invited to share in Shelly's church baby shower a little while ago..It was both beautiful and fun! We got to ooh and aah over all the little girl clothes and accessories! Cassie is just going to LOVE being the big girl cousin.She is at that stage where she just loves babies...She will feel like "Alyson" is extra-special! We are praying for an easy, safe delivery!

Shelly's baby shower