Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new year...a time to treasure the moments!

Happy 2012, everyone!:) Can hardly wrap my mind aroung the fact that 2011 has come and gone. New changes have taken place...We are loving our new house that God helped us to build. We said goodbye in September to our first house that we had lived at for twelve years and in which we had made SO many special memories. We are loving the extra space our new house offers and plan to live here for a very long time. It has been a busy and wonderful time of getting settled in. We have already made some awesome memories here. Was just looking at old pictures and reminiscing of days gone by. Friends and family all starting to look a little older. Sniff, sniff...TIME rushes by; things change; life's circumstances aren't always easy. My heart is happy for all of the special memories that God has blessed me with. Precious times spent with the wonderful people in my life. I wanted to cry as I looked at pictures of our three seemed like yesterday when Corey was just a baby, then Cassie, then Cade. Pictures help to capture the moment. I have many aspirations and goals for the new year, but most of all I want to treasure every moment with the ones I love. I want to make a difference in someone's life. I want to have a positive outlook. I want my life to please the One who sent HIS only Son to die for me. I don't want to take anything or anybody for granted. I want to absorb those precious times of reading a book to Cade, cooking with Cassie, or playing ping-pong with Corey. I want to enjoy those moments with my precious parents and extended family and friends. I want to hug my Mamaw Smith and memorize her smile. I don't want this to be a melancholy time, but a time to "start over" treasuring all of those "special" moments.(And yes...I AM restarting my diet.:))Hope that this will be a happy year for YOU...God be near us all as we live out this amazing, challenging journey of life.
Christmas 2011

Late summer, early fall 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summertime is here...

We are HAPPY that summer has finally arrived here in Indy! :) Stayin'up late and sleepin' in, flip~flops, slices of cold watermelon, fresh-squeezed lemonade, the sound of birds singing outside the window where the sun is streaming in...ahhhh! (Looking forward to church camp and vacation ahead!!!)

Life has been a bit confusing and scary for our family over the past several months. My dear Dad was diagnosed with "sarcoma" of his leg in the last part of December, 2010. Treatment has included five surguries, chemotherapy and an end result of the amputation of that leg in May. There is NO way to describe the anquish that my heart has felt during the last few months. We have put our trust on our Heavenly Father who is in control and sees the big picture of all of our lives. "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those that trust in Him." (Nahum 1:7) My Dad, a wonderful man of God, is doing incredibly well... a true "HERO" in all of our lives. He is one of the bravest persons that I know...has a great attitude and an amazing determination. We are looking forward to better days ahead, and we are thanking God for His help so far! Trusting in Him to keep my dad in his perfect care! (He has a temporary prosthesis now and will be getting a permanent one in the future. I can envision him running marathons!) :) We have tried to pull together as a family, and the love that is there is such an amazing blessing. I have to add that my Mom is also a "HERO"...taking beautiful care of both my Dad and Grandma...She will always have my deepest love and respect for that. For those of you that have called or sent a card or text at just the right moment, said a prayer, given a hug...You will never know just how much it has meant! Thank you from our hearts.

Thought I would share a few pictures of some of the happier moments of the last few months... a Mother's Day tea, King's Island fun, random family pics and even some winter memories(brrrr...). Hope that YOU are having a WONDERFUL summer. Sending all of you lots of hugs and special blessings...

Mother's Day tea party...

spring 2011

Summer fun 2011

Fun winter memories...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter fun...

February is coming in like a Indy ice-storm and more snow on the way! We are enjoying winter around here(though flip-flops and iced tea on the porch sounds pretty wonderful about right now...smiles).It's rather a cozy time...winter wonderland scenes from our windows by day and cuddles, big cozy blankets, warm pj's and cocoa from our favorite mugs(or hot tea if you are Corey) by evening. The only downside is having to drive on treacherous roads...can be kind of scary at times!
Christmas time is now a beautiful memory. January was a month to celebrate~~~some wonderful answers to prayer and the 20th anniversary of our wedding! Danny planned a wonderful weekend downtown Indy...a beautiful stay at The Canterbury hotel, delicious meals at The Oceanaire and St.Elmo's, a covered carriage ride, a relaxing pedicure and more...It was terribly romantic and I still have stars in my eyes! :)Loving family kept our kids and they had a blast, too! I feel greatly blessed to have had 20 years of wedded bliss to such an awesome man...:)
Just enjoyed these quotes from my NKJ Woman's study Bible..."As you trust God's gifts to be sufficient and His assignments to be appropriate, you can accept the way you look, the means you have been given, the family in which you are living, the struggles through which you have gone,the job you have, being content and fulfilled in all. You must trust that God has given you everything needed for this moment in time. As you depend upon the Lord, you are content as you pursue His goals for your life." "Contentment" and not taking my everyday blessings for granted are my new year's resolutions.
Trust you are feeling God's love and peace during this winter season! Thought that I would share some of our winter pics...
christmas 2010

anniversary celebration

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas time is here...

Christmas time is here, and bringing with it lots of cheer! :) Lovin' this wonderful time of year! A time to celebrate with family and friends. A time to enjoy beautiful Christmas music...piano recitals, contatas or favorite Christmas CDs. A time to create delicious Christmas treats...candies, cookies and favorite menues. A time to burn yummy Christmas scented candles~~~cranberry, cinnamon or evergreen. A time to cuddle by the twinkling lights of the tree and read Christmas books aloud. Most of all...a time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas...the birth of our wonderful Saviour! We are truly enjoying this holiday season and hope that you are TOO! Merry Christmas and blessings for a wonderful year!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall fun...

Can't believe that this is the first day of November 2010! We are enjoying beautiful fall here in Indy with it's gorgeous colors and yummy scents. I always love this time of year...there is a sense of excitement in the air! Holidays just around the corner, etc. Feeling thankful for God's blessings~~~family, friends, health, home and happiness are up there on my list! Trust that you are also enjoying this season....Thought that I would share a few pictures.
2010 Fall fun

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


How time flies!! We are quickly moving into the beautiful fall season...gotta love the crisp, cool evenings, sweatshirts, fall candles, cocoa and cuddling time! :)We still have fond memories of our wonderful summer~~including the Indiana State Fair, and our end~of~summer bang with the "fam" at a cabin in Kentucky. We also have a "TEENAGER" in the house now~~had a great celebration! :) Fun times..thought that I would share my pics. Hope that you are all having a great year! Blessings and peace to each one of you...
Labor Day Weekend 2010

Corey's 13th Birthday

Indiana State Fair