Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blog changes...

After thinking about maybe "quitting" blogging all together with the fun "challenges" of life(and just everyday duties...if ya know what I mean!), I have decided to continue it because it is something that I enjoy WHEN I have a chance. :) I want my blog to be a place that people can stop by for a peek into our lives, only if they want to. I have decided to remove the "comments"~~somehow that removes for me a sense of obligation(both for me and for would~be readers)! I feel that I can correspond with "friends" on my FB page. :)
With that said~~~ We are in the midst of some changes in our lives. Danny starts a new job on Tuesday(He will still be in orthopedics, but eventually will be in a hospital(currently being built) that will be 5 minutes from our house. We feel that God opened this door and give Him all the praise! We are also trying to sell our house which is an interesting time in our showings are just SO much fun! :)We plan to stay in this area~~just need a little more room. We are enjoying the beautiful days of summer, and I plan to post some current pictures soon. Trust that blogger friends, are having a wonderful, blessed summer...Hope that you are feeling God's love and peace. He is SO good!