Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I have been tagged!

I am now entering the "tag game" and am supposed to state seven facts about myself: 1. My first boyfriend's name was "Richie"...I met him in the first grade...he came up to my shoulder...I'm sure we made a striking couple.
2. I met my sweetheart (and husband of 16 years) when I was 15. We started dating after I graduated from nursing school.
3. I love "victorian" decorating, but also enjoy other styles.
4. I love to shop!!
5. My favorite season is autumn...the beautiful leaves and cool, crisp air are so refreshing.
6. My favorite holiday is Christmas: memories made with friends and family, wonderful food, and beautiful decorations.
7. The happiest place for me to be is with my husband and 3 precious gifts from God.

I am going to tag:


Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Pictures

The annual picture time has come and gone...The flurry of getting everyone ready and rushing to take pictures is something every Mom can appreciate, I think!(smile)Trying to get there with clothes, shoes and hair intact is quite the feat! THEN...trying to get "natural smile" and all that...I always love the end result but feel that I have put in a full "Mommy's" day of work! Ha!

new pictures

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Corey turns "10"....

Wow! We cannot fathom that our first-born is now in the double-digits! Happy Birthday, Corey! He is truly a blessing to us...We couldn't have "requested" a sweeter, more thoughtful boy. He has brought such joy to our lives. We pray that God will use him in a wonderful way...Danny and I often talk about what a responsibility God has given us in sending us three "little ones". Corey had a fun birthday...We celebrated at home on a beautiful, sunny evening...After dinner, cake and ice-cream(oh, and all the fun gifts!), We ended out on the front porch serenaded by our very own talented guitarist, Nathan,(my brother's 19 year old boy who ,by the way, is an awesome guy!) ....There's nothing like relaxing with friends and family! God is good! ( I'm hoping that the next ten years won't fly by as quick as the last 10 have!)