Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Spring "collage" of GOOD TIMES...

It's AMAZING just how fast the weeks have been zooming by! As another blogger friend said.."I'm just trying to catch my breath"! We have been enjoying it all...this wonderful life in the "fast lane". :) Thought that I would share some pics of just last week...

Easter...What a blessed time of the year! We had a very special Easter day at church followed by a wonderful family dinner at Mamaw Smith's house. The kids also enjoyed the annual church Easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter.

I.H.C.~~We enjoyed both the wonderful services and the awesome fellowship with friends and family! (The mass children's choir is always so much fun!)

Corey and Cassie's Spring Piano Recital...(They did a very good job! :))

A day of horseback riding...Danny's cousin, Anita, and her sweet daughter, Ella, own two horses and invited us for a fun day of horse~back riding and then served up a yummy lunch! The kids had a blast!

A tea party...Cassie loved every minute of this special afternoon! (Thanks for inviting us, Shelly! :))

Celebrating my sweet friend's special birthday...Mary Beth is a darling and she makes this age look great!

Monday, April 6, 2009


A little time off to "refresh" ourselves...We ALL enjoyed "Spring Break" around our house! It was still a bit chilly, so most of our memories were made "inside". The kids enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in, watching favorite movies, etc. We also went to the IN State Museum at the first of the week...then took a fun overnight visit to Cincinnati, OH. We visited with friends and family there, ate at some of our favorite restaurants, stayed downtown(took a long walk along Sawyer Pointe and the Serpentine pretty!), and visited the Newport Aquarium. Fun, fun!
Now back to our busy Spring routine...Easter, I.H.C., end of school activities, etc.
Spring break 09