Monday, April 21, 2008

I, too, have been "tagged"-by a very nice "Mrs. Lisa"!

[What I was doing 10 years ago...] I was happily married to "my man", Dan, and enjoying our firstborn...Corey! He was a dream come true for us!
[Jobs that I have had...] Office cleaner, babysitter, RN(Med/Surg.-2 1/2 yrs./Cardiac-1 yr./OB-16 yrs.),wife-17 1/2 yrs. and Mommy-10 1/2 yrs.(the last two being my favorites and the most important!)
[What I have planned for today...] Homeschooling, tidying up the house(the "I.H.C." laundry is all done, though! ha!),taking the kids to piano lessons, giving all of my four "blessings" lots of hugs and kisses, and helping some "little ones" come into the world(tonight is my work night).
[Snacks that I love...] Mexican dips/salsas with chips, honey mustard pretzels, celery filled with crunchy peanut butter...warm, iced, "homemade" cinnamon rolls really "do" it for me(My dear Mother-in-law makes the BEST)...oh, and how about creamy, chocolate fudge filled with nuts? I could go on...
[States that I have lived in...] West Monroe, Louisiana(I was born there); Indianapolis,Indiana(moved here when I was 10); New Castle, Indiana(my family moved there for a couple of years, then back to Indy); Cincinnati,Ohio(my college days); Griffin, Georgia(an adventure!); Kettering, Ohio(my husband's college days)and FISHERS,INDIANA(where I hope to stay!)...
[Bad habits that I have...] Worrying over things out of my control(I am praying for God to help me in that area!), sporadic exercise(I am admonishing myself daily about this area!), and forgetting to take my one-a-day vitamin(Yes, I AM in the medical field and know better! Thank you very much!)
[If I were a billionaire...] I would become "debt-free"(My husband and I would go to a Christian financial advisor to help us decide for the future, of course);I would assist family and friends to become debt-free; I would give generously to Christian ministries/missions/orphanages; I would help my husband plan a lovely Victorian house to build on a nice piece of land(maybe it would have a beautiful creek running through it...OK, now I am really dreaming!); and I would love to take a LONG, impulsive, relaxing, family vacation with no deadlines to meet(maybe a MONTH long OR even longer! Oh, and any friend/family member with a nice, relaxing personality could go along!ha!))!!!!!! there ya have it! I am tagging anyone that cares to be tagged(Catrena?- Kelly?- Bette?- Charlotte?- Shelly? -Nett?- Jessica?- Becky,my sis-in-law?(Are you blogging yet?)-Anyone that has not been tagged????????)I just know that you would LOVE to play along...AND I would really like to hear about YOU!