Friday, August 8, 2008

A girl's day out...

My sweet husband took a day off work and offered me "a girl's day out"! How could I refuse that? :) I came back feeling refreshed and relaxed! I was able to take my dear Mom to a beautiful tea house nearby, to celebrate her belated birthday lunch. We had so much fun admiring the unique teapots, china and Victorian finery! Our menu included the following...strawberry-almond salad, creamy chicken-vegetable soup, chicken-pecan salad sandwhiches, scones(white chocolate-macadamia nut and cinnamon chip...yum!),chocolate iced cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and a variety of teas. The food was delicious and we made wonderful memories! I forgot my camera and had to buy a disposable one...hence the quality of pictures! Oh well! I then went and had a facial(an hour long, mind you...) and a hair conditioning treatment! Talk about feeling pampered! Thanks from my heart, Danny!
tea party