Saturday, July 5, 2008

Strawberry Festival and July 4th

It was a good time had by all as most of the England Clan met at Mom and Dad England's house to make strawberry jam. The guys picked the strawberries for us and then with a "system" in place...we proceeded to make strawberry jam! The kids played outside for most of the's always refreshing to be out in the country. The little ones enjoyed tractor rides, the older boys played in the woods, and the girls did hair and all the things that girls do. Fun,fun!

July 4th was spent at the Jewetts' church shelter and fellowship room. The kids had great fun riding bikes, scooters, and 4 wheelers in the church parking lot. Everyone pitched in and brought some yummy food for our cookout. We ended the evening by watching downtown Indy's fabulous fireworks!

Great summer memories!
strawberry festival, july 4th