Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I have been tagged!

I am now entering the "tag game" and am supposed to state seven facts about myself: 1. My first boyfriend's name was "Richie"...I met him in the first grade...he came up to my shoulder...I'm sure we made a striking couple.
2. I met my sweetheart (and husband of 16 years) when I was 15. We started dating after I graduated from nursing school.
3. I love "victorian" decorating, but also enjoy other styles.
4. I love to shop!!
5. My favorite season is autumn...the beautiful leaves and cool, crisp air are so refreshing.
6. My favorite holiday is Christmas: memories made with friends and family, wonderful food, and beautiful decorations.
7. The happiest place for me to be is with my husband and 3 precious gifts from God.

I am going to tag: