Sunday, August 12, 2007

I have decided to enter the fascinating world of blogging...It seems to be a new "era" in our world and is such a fun way of sharing little pieces of our lives with others. I have so enjoyed hearing from people in other states and even in other countries!( I made Heather's fast homemade rolls the other day....a recipe she shared on her blog! They were very tasty!) I think this is such a neat avenue of "keeping in touch"! I have been inspired and I thought I would contribute! I am a full-time "mommy" and "wife"...I work one night a week and one night every third weekend in OB(It is so rewarding to get to share the miracle of birth...I could write a book!)...I am soon to be a homeschooling assistant- After much prayer and research, we decided this was God's plan for our children...I am both excited and nervous! We will be using A Beka's dvd program.(Thus, I will be assisting the " teachers" on dvd...) Corey will be in 4th grade and Cassie will start K5.Church is a very big part of our lives too..We are involved in the Calvary Bible Methodist Church in Greenfield. As most people already know...We are welcoming Pastor Mike Mater and his lovely new wife, Michelle, to our church. We are so excited! We just attended their beautiful wedding ... It was very elegant! The music was just heavenly!What a special day to share in their lives! We live close to my side of the family and get together often with them. We try to see Danny's side of the family as much as possible. We love and appreciate our godly parents with all of our hearts! Life is busy but God is so good! We thank Him for our Christian heritage and for all of His blessings on our lives. We just want Him to lead us not only as parents but as siblings, children and friends!